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You will enjoy these charismatic and talented entertainers on Saturday, October 30, during Day of the Dead MS Festival.


Marty Peters & The Party Meters embodies the respect and dedication to traditional jazz that has been a hallmark of many great New Orleans ensembles, while also freshly interpreting the music in a way which is undeniably entertaining.


Vibra Latina - Get to ready to celebrate with a crazy night of merengue, salsa, and more...


Mariachi Rioverde will perform traditional Mexican music which is a fundamental part of the celebration of the Day of the Dead.


DANZA AZTECA XOCHIPILLI - For the the Aztecs, dancing is an offering to those who have passed.


Next Level Dance Company - The wonderful dancers of this dance studio, located in Collinsville Mississippi, will be performing at Day of the Dead MS.


Sandujazz - Their music is a representation of one culture united through their ancestors’ music.

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